ferket El-Marah


Adel and his friends went to a fishing trip , when their fishhook comes out with a box of drugs that was heavy .three of the gang members is following them and watching the situation ,they came at the time when the three guys comes to open the bag of the drugs .
suddenly the policeman Lotfy appeared and he started chasing them but they escaped after one of them got a shot through the policemen .the police get the help of the three guys when they disguised in the look of artists in one of the foreign bands that is working in Egypt they went to the place where the gang is hiding and after many trials the gang members got arrested.

Cast :
Shams El Baroudy – Mohamed Roushdy – Ashraf Abdel Ghafour – (Tholathy Adwaa El Masrah -) Nagwa Foad – Tawfeek El Deqen – Hussien Esmail – Ebrahim Saafan – El Toukhy Tawfeek – Kamal El Zeiny

Author : Adly El Moled
Director : Fateen Abdel Wahab