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Oscar Group Company consists of two main divisions, Oscar for Artistic Recordings and Oscar for Distribution and Theatres. The company was founded by the late Hassan Abdallah, who was widely regarded as one of the most influential pioneers in the Arab media industry. In the early 1970s, he established Oscar for Artistic Recordings and started producing radio and then television.


  • Among his popular work in Radio: Quran Stories (Qesas El Quran) and Calendar (Waraqet Nateeja)
  • Among his popular work in Television: Guardian of the Sea (Ayoub El Bahr), Welcome Neighbors (Ahlan Bel Sokkaan) and The Harafish (El Harafish)


By the late eighties, Loaye Hassan Abdallah joined and worked with his father as a producer and distributor in film, television and theatre.


  • Among his popular work in Theatre: Hamry Gamry, Boom Shika Boom and Bahloul fe Istanbul
  • Among his popular work in Television: Chains of Blood (Selsal El Dam – 5 seasons)
  • Among his popular work in Film: Mahrous, the Minister’s Shadow (El Wad Mahrous Betaa El Wazeer)


Soon after, Wael Hassan Abdallah worked with his brother and father as a Producer, Director and Screenwriter in both television and film.


  • Among his popular work in Television: Excellence (El Excellence) and The Mercury Mission (El Zebaq)
  • Among his popular work in Film: The Ghost (El Shabah), The Interest (El Maslaha), The Party (El Hafla) and The Secret Men’s Club (Nady Regal El Sery)


During that time, both Loaye and Wael established Oscar for Distribution and Theatres, a division that is involved in several different fields including:


  • Television Production and Distribution
  • Film Production and Distribution
  • Establishing and Managing Cinemas and Theatres
  • Theatre Production and Distribution
  • Production Services: Latest equipment for shooting films and television shows (Cameras – Lenses – Lighting – Sound Systems – Generators – Cranes – Ronin)
  • Post-production Services (Editing – Sound Mixing – Dubbing – Color Correction – Restoration for classic films and TV series)


Oscar Group is the only company in Egypt to be involved in all of these fields and owns more than:


  • 3500 hours of Radio content (13,000 different episodes)
  • 40 Theatrical Plays
  • 200 Arabic Films
  • 1500 hours of TV content