Zaghlol .. Yalmaz .. Shaqoub

Classic series
22 episodes

Esaad Younis – Gamil Rateb – Hassan Hosny – Mohsen Tawfiq – Mohamed Reda – George Sidhom – Ibrahim Nasr -Mimi Gamal – Hassan Kamy – Laila Shoeir – Lotfy Labib – Salah Abdallah – Alaa Wali El Din

Scriptwriter: Esaad Younis
Music: Hassan Abou El so’oud
Director : Medhat El Sebaey
Production year:  1990
Episodes: 22
Genre : comic


Zaghloul palace was left abundant for three year for having a problem with its ownership , and then she received the palace after the case ended in courts .

She was living during those three years in other place and she was having a neighbor called Chaqoub Bek El kentawy who was strongly hates her .

However, after she left her neighbor his building was destroyed so he resorted to her asking for help and she actually let him live in one of her palace rooms.

Her cousin Yalmaz reaches Egypt Coming from Paris searching for her after facing insolvency. So she let him live in a room as well.

Together the three (Zaghloul , Yalmaz and Shakoub) they decided to convert the palace into a small investment they lead to make it like a hostel but they surprised the idea that all guests are old aged and have critical problems with their families, and problems raised with a comic way .