Stohee Fouk El-Shagara


Cast :
Younes Chalaby- Lebleba – Mohmed Reda – sameeha Tawfeek – Mazhar Abou El Nagga – Mohamed abou El Hassan – Seif allah El mokhtar – Qasim El Daly – Maged El Sherif – Hareedy Omran – Faroq Abdel Hady – Ahmed adaweyya.

Author: Naser Hussien
script : Farouk Saeid
Director : Nasser Hussien
Production Year :  1983
Genre: Social

Setouhy works at a circus owned to his uncle Lamiey and his wife Sonya , Setouhy fell in love with his cousin Zouba despite being rejected from Sonya , he get away seeking money so he went to prison for a month instead of the rich Ahmed for being accused of an accident with a promise to give him a flat in his building , at the day when Setouhy was out of prison he was shocked to find it’s the day of wedding of Ahmed & Zouba by the assistance of her mum Sonya , Lamiey discovered this and he stopped the marriage and then let Setouhy marry Zouba instead .