Soraa El-Hayat


Cast : Mostafa Fahmy – Wafaa Mekki – Laila Hamada – Salah Rashwan – Rehab – Laila Gmal – and group of first row members .
Scriptwriter : Hany El Halawany
Director : Mostafa El Shall

Doctor Safaa ( Wafaa Meki) is driving her car at night with a non balanced state of mind ,and suddenly she hit her husband Mostafa Fahmy while crossing the road ,both were moved to hospital and we realize how danger is the condition of her for being pregnant in the last month ,she was actually sterile and were going through fertility treatments for many years ago .And finally the global Doctor Sawsan was successfully letting her be pregnant by her assistance ,while she was in the hospital she began to remember all of the past times while she was fighting with her husband and her jealousy and doubts which was direct reason behind this accident .

Let’s watch this telefilm to see whether her injuries were going to be treated and recovered, and how could the fetus survive at the time when he is about to be born..

That was the question which will be answered here later .