Selsal El-Damm

Tv Series
67 Episodes

 Cast : Abla Kamel – Reyad El Khouli – Ahmed Saeid Abdel Ghany – Fadya Abdel Ghany – Hady El Gayyar – Randa El Behery
Scriptwriter : Magdy Saber
Director : Moustafa El Shall


The police intervene to prevent Nasra and Haroun .. Haroun is arrested and imprisoned for the murder of Yousef, but his lawyer was able to release him because there was no real evidence against him, during this time prisons were broken into for the revolution of 2011, Hemdan could escape with one of the Muslim brotherhood symbols after a friendship was created between them, Hemdan becomes powerful then and he get married with the sister of Ahmed Bedeir .
Hemdan was been rewarded and  became a minister in the Ministry of the Brotherhood during Morsi’s rule to Egypt as a result the power of Haroun raised and he then married from Rania Fareed Shawki  who gets pregnant from Haroun.  Harun then takes the opportunity to   revenge from Nasra . He ordered  a person to  steal  important files and checks from the office which is been managed by daughter of Nasra ,  her daughter  is been  arrested and imprisoned .

Nasra went to  Haroun asked him  to save her daughter and return her stolen documents, and Haroun stipulated that she should give him all her money in return for acquitting her daughter , Nasra has no idea but to accept and she then moved  from her country  to live  over the roof.

while Deyaa  didn’t forget his revenge with Hemdan and he killed him , so far Meselhy killed Deyaa to prevent him from getting money after the death of Haroun .
Haroun get mad after he knew that his grandson was killed by Meselhy ,so he decided to kill him .
then he turned to his wife and killed her for participating in this crime ,then Nasra went to Haroun at home and he shot her in her shoulder ,then police men break into the house ,Haroun killed himself when he found there is no way but going to jail .
And now Nasra celebrating her victory and that she get rid of Haroun finally with no return .