Selsal El-Damm

Tv Series
episodes : 43

Cast :
Abla Kamel – Reyad El Kholy – Ahmed Bedeir – Ola Ghanem – Ahmed Saead Abdel Ghany – Randa El Behery – Fadya Abdel Ghany – Rashwan Tawfeek – Hady El Gayyar – Gamal Esmail – Menna Fadaly – Samir Hosny – Mohamed El Sawy .

    Scriptwriter & Author : Magdy Saber
Director : Mostafa El Shal


Nasra was a woman from the area of upper Egypt who was poor , she was married with Youssef and they have three sons ,they were having a cruel mayor who is Haroun .

Haroun threatened Youssef if he will not change his  confessions against Haroun ,but Youssef doesn’t let this happen and he finally obeyed his wife
As a result Haroun kidnapped Youssef and put him in a graveyard while Nasra keep searching for Youssef with no conclusion about where he gone .

Then his daughter accused Nasra of being the reason behind his disappearance and that he might be killed by Haroun after his admissions against him while Haroun totally denied the fact that he knows single info about Youssef.

Nasra then decided to process the business instead of her husband inrder to live and then she develop her business to be stable enough to face the tyranny of Haroun , also she sent her son to Alexandria to continue his universal study, also for being safe and away from Haroun .


Nasra also kill Haroun son when she was trying to save her daughter .

Nasra is now stable in her business and has developed it greatly , her son was been graduated from the faculty of medicine for being a doctor . On the day when he is going to first day at the hospital  , Haroun killed her son.

Nasra was greatly shocked by the accident of her son killed and she then went to the graveyard to read some Quraan for him , at this moment after she left , the audience will discover the fact that Youssef is still alive .