Rehlet Azab



Our hero is Soheir, a singer who is married from a man whom she loves and they have no children yet.

Her husband married from another woman and he got a son and a daughter.

Soheir due to her love to her husband is moved to the hospital and there she get a morphine injection from the healthcare nurse and become addicted to drugs and she had to marry the nurse for her need to morphine injections.

Unfortunately, Soheir husband and his new wife has passed away during a car accident and left their children without any care.

At this time soheir thought to take care of the children, but she was not ready before being recovered after her stay in a healthcare center.

For the badness of conditions, the two children were left alone in the street without any adult care. An old man found them and takes care of them, Hany was lost.

In parallel, Soheir recovered and she returned to her work where she met with Hala and they found Hany and the family reunited .Syria 1976

Nahed Al Sherif – Ziad Moloy – Tawfiq Aldqan – Hala Fawzi – Hani Fawzi – Adeeb Kadoura – Nagah Hafeez –
Nadia Arslan – Gigi Omar – Fouad Hegazi.

Writer: Naguib Mayser
Naguib Mayser
Production year:
Genre: Social