Nour El-Sabah

Tv Series
2006 – 2007
35 episodes

Laila Elwi – Hisham Abdel Hamid – Khaled El Sawy – Ibrahim Yousry – Nada Basiony – Olfat Imam – Ibrahim Khan – Shaaban Hussein.

Writer: Magdy Saber

Director: Samir Seif
Production year:
 2006 – 2007

A new type of Drama that is eliminating the idea of working in the field of tourism and what kind of problems they faced through our hero Nour El Sabah (a tour guide) a respectful women who is able to handle and coordinate between her work and being a mum.

The Series is spotting on one of the most important issues, which are the Egyptian Internees (Prisoners of war) in 67 war whom were killed by the Israeli military soldiers.

Nour El Sanah was requested to revenge from the warmongers and to present them to the court and she will finally could and succeed in her mission.