Nemr El-Talamza


The three friends : Mostafa , Magdy & Ahmed decided to work during the summer vacation until they got their grades ,they rent a booth for selling candy , and freezing drinks and pizza as well .Each of them has his own ambitions and dreams ,for Magdy ,he is in love with his colleague Nashwa and need to get married from her ,with no idea about that his friend Ahmed is also is in love with her .while Ahmed is aiming to be a singer and he is loving Music , a belly dancer seduced him and she offered him to come with her ,his two colleagues tried to save him because they don’t want the girl that is loving him to know .they get into the boat where he met the belly dancer and they get him out .they then discovered that the belly dancer was part of a gang who get arrested .
Their got their final grades and they all passed .Magdy knows the feeling of  Ahmed towards Nagwa so he sacrifice himself and he get married from Samera who was in love with him in secret

Cast : Samera Ahmed – Ahmed Ramzy – Hassan Yussef – Mohamed Awad – Abdel lateef El Telbany – Mokhtar Amin Ahmed El Haddad – Lebleba .

Author: Adly El Moled
Director : Easa Karamah