Mashghool Beghery


A doctor get married from a rich lady whom he madly love and they get married.

After a while, he discovered her jealousy madness and this caused many troubles for him.

One day a lady is admiring the doctor and she wants him for herself so she send evidence proofing that the doctor is in a relation with another lady among his patients.

His wife decided to leave him and to destroy the relation at once, but she stopped at the last second before breaking up the relation and she finally waked up of her illusions and that her husband is truly and loyally loves her.

Laila Fawzi – Emad Hamdi – Shadya – Ismael Yassin – Soliman Najib – Lula Sedqi – Aziz Osman – Mary Monib – Samiha Tawfiq – Abdel Hamid Zaki – Abdel Moneim Ismail – Shafiq Nour El Din – Aleya Fawzi – Sanaa Sameeh.

Writer: Youssef Gohar
Ebrahim Emara
Production year:
Genre: Social