Maklab Hob


Mahmoud is a university student who has no previous experiences in love; he loves his Egyptian colleague Hanan.

He follows bad attitudes to reach his beloved through the advices of his friend who are really just making fun of him.

One day they make a silly trick with him when they send to her father photos for him and Hanan together, so the father decided to return back to Egypt with his daughter after finishing the final exams. At the end, both Hanan and Mahmoud passed their exams successfully and she went to Cairo.

Nahed Yousry – Mahmoud Gabr – Talaat Hamdi – Nagi Gabr – Rafik Subaei – Hala Fakhir – Nagwa Sedki – Saadallah Bakdones – Lina Batea – Nagah Hafiz – Ahmad Adass – Yaseen Bakosh – Mohammed Salhia – Mohammad Targakbi – Adnan Abo Shamat.

Writer: Ahmed Tharwat
Youssef Maalouf
Production year: