Mn Atlaq El-Rosas Ala Hend Alaam

Recent series
32 episodes

Nadia El Gendy – Khaled Zaky – Khaled El Sawy – Ibrahim Yousry – Donia Samir Ghanem – Salwa Khattab – Ahmed Salah El Saadany – Lekaa El Khamisi – Abdel Rahman Abou Zahra

Writer:  Yousry El Gendy
Khaled Baghat
Production year:


The Series is about a family that is facing a misery which is the murder of the father who was a scientist in the nuclear physics and the wife Hend Allam who is working as a journalist .

Hend Allam tried to discover the evidence around her husband murder but she left the case totally, when she knows that he was married from other woman.

She discovered that his death was due to the cooperation between interior and foreign figures that is targeting to destroy the scientific researches around the nuclear physics .They also tried to hide the truth from Hend in order to stay in safe.

When Hend reaches the truth behind, she discovered that there is a big conspiracy on her husband kill and the country itself.