Mamnoa El-Wekof Kataayan

Tele film

Cast : Raghda – Mohamed El Araby – Mamdouh Darweesh – Nadya Rafeeq

Writer : Moustafa Amin

Director : Ahmed Badr El Din

Wafaa & Hamdy are living together happily; suddenly Hamdy informed his wife that he is planning to travel abroad for some business agreements .Then she realized that he changed the lock of the door and he send her all the furniture of the house and all the appliances at home .Some relatives set together to settle the situation between them with no hope to reach peace between them and they get divorced. She has sent her story to a journalist to be published in his newspaper where he is discussing such issues in his essays. She was advised to let go the past and to be looking to the future coming. She then shocked one day about the bad news of the death of her ex-husband and the reason behind his apart is that he is attacked by a disease that is no hope of recovery and that he left her all his properties .Accordingly ,she could not resist this misery and she return back emotionally to her passed husband .

So what her second husband will do with her and what she will do with him now ,
that what the telefilm will get us the answer of ….