Makhalb Al-Qet


Hamdy fails in a relation, so he hates all women as a result and decided to live lonely, but his neighbor is trying to get close of him.

Hamdy madly loves horse breeding but he decided to send his favorite horse to a horse-breeding farm owned by Hazem who loves the luxurious life and is engaging to Nahed (his cousin) who is assisting him in his business.

Hazem while driving his car, hits Hamdy who was riding the horse at this time, the accident caused Hazem to loss his memory.

Hazem started to have a characters mixed in his mind , he begins to see Wezza as being Sahar his friend fiancé, and sees Semsem as being Haneya, and after recovery he imagined Wezza to be his fiancé .

The doctor stated that the scock has affected his mind and the guy has to have another shock to return back to his normal mental state.
As for Hamdy he finally get married with Wezza his neighbor.

Yehya Shaheen – Eman – Ragaa El Geddawi – Aziza Helmi Tarek Tawfiq – Nahed Sharif – Salah Nazmi – Abdel Azim Abdel Hak.

Writer: Hussien Helmy El Mohandes
  Hussien Helmy El Mohandes
Production year:
Genre: Social