Makan Fouk El-Sahab

Tele film
Genre : Social

Ezzat El Alayli – Jihan Fadel – Ahmed Akl – Olfat Sokar – Foad Bakhsh – Khaled Esawy – Atef Tantawy and a group of first row performers.

Scriptwriter:  Karam El Naggar
Mostafa El Shal
Production year:


Our hero Eng Mahmoud is an ideal person who is dreaming of an ideal life.
He moves to countryside where the pure nature is, and he tries to reach the perfection he seeks.

But the circumstances forces him to return back to town, does he will succeed to go through the barriers and lead a successful life exactly like what he previously did, or he will seek a place where a human foot still never stepped.
This what our television film will show.