Mabrook Alieky


A female singer falls in love with her colleague in the same field. Then both of them start to feel jealousy for the other from their fans to the extent that they have many troubles together and she thought he actually does not love her.

She left him and meets up with another man who is pretending to be in love with her and they goes through all wrong doings with thoughtlessness.

Finally, she discovered his cheating and she decided to break up and to go back to her old love, and they started their life with a concept that every one of them truly loves the other with no troubles.

Nour El Hoda – Mohamed El Kahlawi – Mahmoud El Meligy – Ali El Kassar – Nabaweyaa Mostafa – Shafik Nour El Din – Mahmoud Naseer – Hoda Shams El Din – Samiha Tawfiq – Abdel Hamid Zaki.

Writer: Abdel Fattah Hassan
Abdel Fattah Hassan
Production year:
Genre: Social