Leqaa Al-Gorbaa



Raafat has two children (Aida-Ahmed) his wife has passed away left them for their destiny; he suffers in caring for the children, so he decided to marry Wafaa to assist on this mission with him.

Wafaa find it hard to let the two kids get close to her, as there is no love to her especially from Aida.

One day Raafat suicide due to an insolvency that he faced, Wafaa is now solely responsible for the two children without any help , she suffered to make them love her until they already did when they see how she sacrificed for them, she also married from Kamal her old love with the acceptance of the two children because she has done a lot for them.

Mariam Fakhr El Din – Ahmed Mazhar – Maher El Attar – Mona Selim –  Rafiq El Sebaie – Aliaa Nemri – Lotfy El Zinni – Suhail Nomani – Fouad Taher – Amal Madar – Ahmed El Dnash – Maroushka.
Honor guests:
Farid Shawki – Marseille Marina

Writer: Abdel Aziz Sallam
Bahaa El Din Sharaf
Production year:
Genre: social