Leh Khaletny Ahebak



Karim Abdel Aziz – Mona Zaki – Hala Sheha – Ahmed Helmy – Child: Maha Ammar – Ragaa El Geddawi – Sami Sarhan – Faten Anwar – Mustafa Metwally – Haggag Abdel Azim – Nagwa Fouad – Mohamed El Sawy – Talat Zakaria – Hazem Said – Dalia Mostafa.

Writer: Walid Youssef
Sandra Nashaat
Production year:
Genre: Social

The father of Dalia refused Hisham as a husband to her without giving a real reason for that.

Hisham then travelled to USA for getting the highest certificates in the field of computers and IT.

Hisham established a company in the field of his study after he get back to his country, and his mum pushed him to marry from Noha and he finally accepts after a few meeting ups with Noha.

With the assistance of Zakareya, Dalia could cause troubles for this relation and cancellation of the engagement event for two times.

Finally Dalia went to Hisham and she declared the fact that she is still in love with him and she was the reason behind many troubles for him, and she will lasts forever loving him even if he is in a relation with other lady.