Kol Daka Fe Alby


Fathy (a music teacher) has an accident when the belly dancer Suher hits him with her car, she decided to pay all fees of treatment for him fearing of lawful responsibility.

She takes him home and started to pay all attention for him to be in good health condition. Fathy feels love for her but her decided to leave her home, while Medhat feels jealousy for her so he steels her jewelry and put it in Fathy’s closet.

Medhat intended to call the police for Fathy, but Fathy discovered the issue before Medhat reaches his goal.

Fathy started to make success for himself in the artistic field and Medhat trying all time to exclude and pull out Fathy out of Suher life.

Medhat then mentioned to Fathy that he and Suher have a legitimate girl , instead of hating her Fathy loves the girl deeply and takes care of her but he started to feel harshness for Suher to the point that he lied on her by stating that he is in a relation with a female music teacher.

After a while, the female music teacher went to Suher and tells her all the truth she knows accordingly Suher get back to Fathy for still being in love to each other.


Mohammed Fawzi – Samia Gamal – Ahmed Fouad – Salwa Mahmoud – Samia Rushdi – Ezz El Din Eslam – Wedad Hamdi – Ahmed Shawki – Nazek Mohamed Badr El Din – The girl : Wezza.

Writer:  Mohamed Fawzi – Foad El Kassas
Ahmed Deyaa El Din
Production year:
Genre: Social