classic series
15 episodes

Abdel Moneim Madbouli – Younes Shalaby – Hala Sedki – Soad Nasr – Mahmoud Hemida – Fouad Khalil – Mimi Gamal – Mohamed Abdel Moauty – Naiema El Sagheer – Wissam Hamdy – In addition to a group of comic performers .

Scriptwriter: Ahmed Awad
Director: Ahmed Badr El Din
Musician: Hany Mehanna
The poet: Bekheet Bayoumi
Singing sound : Younes Shalaby
Production year: 1988
Episodes: 15  
: Comic


A family consisting of five individuals they totally coming apart with having disunity after their father passed away , they still living in one apartment but they are totally apart .

We will spend with them a time full of funny problems and crisis.

Suddenly unknown lady appeared to them stating that she is their stepmother the house they are living in is her one and that their father has given her this house with an authorized documents proofing that she is the owner.

For the first time they all decided to be one hand in order to face this weird incomer.