Kelab El-Hrasa


Suheir Ramzi – Hussein Fahmy – Adel Adham –
Shokri Sarhan – Abubakar Ezzat – Nagah El Mogi –
Naeema El Soghaiar – Abdel Salam Mohamed.

Mostafa Barakat
Said Seif
Production year :
Genre: Social


Effat is the boss for a gang which main work is smuggling the rotten food and as well drugs with having the help and assistance from high authority figures.

Hamdy a customs officer has faced one of Effat’s followers when he refused the bribe proposed.

The gang then accused Hamdy of a crime while being innocent, so he gets in prison and later he gets out of prison with full revenge intentions.

Hamdy hides at his friend’s house while having the assistance of his old love Enayat.

Effat knows that Hamdy is out of prison and he could kidnap Enayat and Hamdy and thoughts to have Enayat for him and  getting rid of hamdy though let him be against the wild guard dogs he has, finally Effat and all members were arrested.