Hekayet Salama

Classic series
17 episodes

Our hero Salama (Smair Ghanem) is been graduated from the faculty of arts Philosophy Department  and still with no job for many years.

– He tried to work so many jobs, and the chance lead him to meet the editing head of a newspaper  who discovered his talent and assists him to work as a journalist to be the hardest job to get .
-Salama then passed so many problems some are romantic and the other is criminal with a comic way, so let’s watch the all .


Samir Ghanem – Jihan Nasr – Imad Rashad – olfat  Sukkar – Abdel Ghani Nasser – Wafa Shehab – Gamal Ismail – Mustafa Rizk – Mohamed Mahmoud – Talat Zakaria – Afaf Hamdi and others

Scriptwriter: Hussien Abd Rab El Naby
Director: Mohamed Abaza
Production Year:1995
Genre: Comic