H 3


A doctor has discovered a medicine named H3 that can regain the youth for anyone.

Elmaalem Abbas who is 80 years, has tried this medicine and he truly regained his youth and begin to live like any one in his age by searching for a wife, he proposed marriage from the fiancé of his son, then he has an honor crime and he went to prison.

Suddenly he wake up from this long dream and decided to be satisfied with his age and go home.


Roushdy Abaza – Soad Hosni – Maher Attar – Taroub Tawfiq Aldqen – Mohamed Gamal – Khairia Ahmed – Nagwa Fouad – Nazim Shaarawi – katkouta – Sherif Magdy – Mimi Shkib – Mohamed El Tabbi – Abdel Moneim Ismail – Hussein Ismail.

Writer: Salah Ebrahim
Director: Abbas Kamel.
Production year: 1961
Genre: Social