Haramya Fe KG2


Cast: Karim Abdel Aziz –Hanan Tork – Maged El Kidwany – Mohamed Ragab – Samy Maghawry – Mohamed Dardeery – Maisara – Mohamed Fawzy – Nashwa Mustafa – Mohamed Shuman – Anwar Abdel Moneam – Saeid Ateyya .

Author: Belal Fadl
Director : Sandra Nashaat

Two thieves ( Hassan and El Sebaey ) they planned to steel the revenue of the citadel of Kayetbay in Alexandria . But El sebaey was arrested and he asked Hassan to take care of his daughter and not to reveal the truth for her .So Hassan when being with Nesma he started changing himself and he started a new life with Nesma . Hassan met with Reem the teacher of Nesma and a love story evolved without knowing the reality of Hassan, Fekry the policeman is the cousin of Reem he disclose the reality of Hassan and Hassan doesn’t deny that .
El Sebaey get out of prison and he get back his daughter and he decided to move away ,so after his travelling Hassan felt that he will miss Nesma . Finally Hassan and Reem met together again .