Tv series
season 2 & 3 : 30 Episodes

Nour ElSherif – Elham Shahin – Ahmed Bedeir – Magda Zaki – Sayed Abdel Kerim – Ragaa Hussein – Hamza El Leithy – Ramez Galal – Tallat Zakareya – Kamal Abou Rayya – Zizi El Badrawy – Hisham Selim – Ramez Galal and others .

Fulla suddenly woke up at night to discover that her husband Ashour El Nagy is not at home , she and her son searched for him everywhere around with no hope to find him ,it seems that Ashour disappeared forever ,the people of Ashour started to search for a new one to protect them ,but Shams El Din will not be able to continue instead because he is not having the strong body build of his father .
Dahshan and Ghassan continue fighting each other in a dual match between them till Ghassan win the new role of the (El Fetewa) of the neighborhood, all the attendants were surprised when they saw Shams El Din is ready to fight Ghassan this for the weakness of his body but he insists to do that, while Ghassan refused this fight for the sake of Ashour ,but Shams El Din insists to fight and he could win at the end the competition and become the (Fetewa ).

Everything goes in a normal way in the alley until (El Fetewa ) of El Etton moved with his men to the neighborhood of shams El Din and began to fight his men ,until the strong man of Al Etton and his men defeated shams El Din and his men .

One day , when he is back home ,shams El Din watched a quarrel between a guy and a beautiful girl Agameyya whom he greatly admired, he knew that this girl is the daughter of his assistant Dahshan, then he asked her father to marry her and they got married .

while he is driving his cart he saw in his way  a very beautiful girl whom is Kamar  , in his way back she also admired by his enthusiasm and bravery.

The heart of Kamar beat for Shams El Din, and he also protected her when she was attacked by the (Fetewa ) of the alley ,he begin to visit her repeatedly and frequently at night in secret ,until he married her in secret as well after he got married from Agameyya .

He then has unstable life with Agameyya and his mum intervened to settle issues between them but she failed to do so, until she finally went to her fathers’ home Dahshan ,  while he is having two sons from Kamar who is his wife secretly .

Later after this, Fulla the mother of Shams El Din died and then his first wife Agameyya returned back home.
Agameyya then got a baby boy who was Soliman, he was giant like his grandfather Ashour .
Everyone was amazed by the gigantism of soliman.
It was just few days when he began to take care of Agammeya’s daughter when Agammeya
has died .
In Al Attof there was a new strong man who need to defeat the current one , he tries to attack the alley at night but he failed and all the light bulbs of the alley were destroyed and the strong man escaped with his men at night after a sever fight broke out ,final Shams El Din and the people of the alley could greatly defeat fetewet El Attouf ,no long time passed till Shams El Din asked his children to take him to the graveyard of his father Ashour El Nagy because his father  called him from there, he reached there then he died among the hands of his sons .

Soliman El Nagy – the son of Shams El Din – took over the tasks of Al Fatwana instead of his father Shams El Din after his death . Soliman El Nagy was a giant man and looked like his grandfather Ashour .
Soliman got married from Fathia – the sister of his colleague at the pre- elementary school Atris  – many years passed till Soliman met with Saneya El Semary who was so beautiful ,she admired with Soliman and his physical strength as well . She asked Soliman for marriage and she convinced her rich father to agree for this marriage and her father already did.
The wedding took place in a legendry wedding party, then Soliman lived in El Semary palace and he left the alley and the Fatwana issues to the brother of his first wife Atries, his conditions turned upside down, he left the cart and he rode the light carriage.
Soliman got two sons from Saneya Bakr and Khedr , Soliman worked in trade with Saneya instead of her father when her father died .
Years passed and Khedr worked in trade in Syria & Lebanon  ,when he returned home from his trip he met with Radwana – the daughter of one of the wealthy men ,his mother asked her family for marriage ,however Radwana was surprised that the groom was Bakr not Khedr ,he was also shocked by the selection of his mother so he escaped to Syrian and Lebanon ,the relation between Soliman and Saneya got worse specially after the long absence of Khedr ,unstable condition with them lead to their power and influence in the alley is been affected .
Also Radwana asked for divorce from her husband Bakr whom she didn’t love.
Saneyya – the wife of Soliman – escaped with a strong building man who is working as a water bearer at her palace.
The financial condition of Bakr and his father got worse due to the revenge of his wife, debts and debtors were chasing them, while being not able to pay back the government put its hands on his shops ,Soliman Al Nagy died due to the debts that he is unable to pay and also his shops.
Khedr came back from Syria and was shocked to see that  shops was closed and he decided to pay back the debts of his brother and father ,he also met with Radwana who was still in love with him and she showed him this love but he refused her intentions for the sake of his brother Bakr.
Khedr then takes over the task of bringing up the children of Bakr and he got married from Radwana’s sister – Wafaa- so that she should be more temperate and kind to her late sisters’ children than any other woman.