Fondok El-Ngoum El-Zarkaa

Tele film
crime show

Cast : Samir Ghanem- Ahmed Bedeir – Hassan Housny – Samah Anwar – Nabila Ebeid – Vivian .

Writer : Feisal Nada

Director : Abdallah El Sheikh 

The director Omran Omran Omran and the scriptwriter Fathy have agreed together to write the script for a new movie , the producer put them a condition to finish this step in only two weeks to be able to release in the high season. So they decided to go for an abandoned place to quickly finish this task .on their way to El Fayoum they noticed a hotel named ( The Blue Stars Hotel ) the director greatly attached to the name of the hotel and they decided to have their accommodation inside this place. From the early steps to them both inside they felt mysteriousness inside with all guests and the servant as well who was giant and weird.
They also discovered that the hotel doesn’t include but three ladies who were weird and full of intangibility, these entire incidence made this hotel is the best recommended for having also a story for the movie that they were intending to write.
Suddenly they found themselves accused of a murder and they fetched for all these puzzling events occurring around them.