Fe Qesm El-Police

Tele film

Genre : Comic

Ahmed Beder – Sahar Ramy – Mamdouh Wafy – Rabab – and a group of performers.

Writer : Nabil El Leithy
Director : Ahmed Magdy
Production year: 1990
Genre: Comic

A director while coming back from work found a child who was hit by a car and the driver escaped , so he with no thought decided to hold the guy and send him to hospital for having aids . He was shocked by the idea that he was in charge of hitting the boy and all evidence is against him.

Problems raised and he faced many crises with the family of the boy, as they do not believe him and the investigator as well.
He finally reaches a very smart plan that he will convince the investigator.

Does he will succeed to let himself free of the crime that what the series will lead us?