Cast : Ahmed Mareay – Hala Fakher – Emad Rashad – Jihan Nasr – Olfat Sokkar and a group of performers

Scriptwriter : Hany El Halawany

Director : Fayez Hegab

The telefilm is about a doctor who has treated a lot of patients and he suddenly got a rental failure and someone has to donate for him with a kidney, this one was his student.
the student wife refused the idea and she asked him whether to separate or to forget about this issue .
At the hospital there was a man who is suffering and having a miserable condition this man committed that in case he died before the doctor so his kidneys shall be moved to the doctor.
At the same time the student wife told him that she is pregnant so he thinks lively more and more.
Does the doctor will be able to have the kidney of the one who offered him this transplant?
That what the telefilm will lead us to .