El-Telmeza W El-Ostaz


Wahid is working as a music instructor for a social institute, his colleague Salwa was one of the applicants who joined this institute, she is here because the owner of her work has a sexual abuse with her, she tried to let herself to be out of this entity by joining the work at a night club, Wahid the boss there fell for her without knowing her truth.
When he finally knows her truth he decided to marry her and he overcomes her crime.

Cast :
Soad Hosny – Shokry Sarhan – Abdel Meneam Madbouly – Samya Shokry – Gamalat Zayed – Ahmed El Haddad – Nadya Ezzat – Enaam Salousa – Salama Elias – Aleya Abdel Meneam .
Author : Adly El Moled
Director : Ahmed Deyaa El Din