Classic series
social series
22 episodes

Mahmoud Yassin – Hatem Zul Fakar – Salwa Khattab -Mohamed Reda – Ragaa El Gedawy – Mimi Gamal – Ibrahim Yousry – Zizi Mostafa – Hassan Mostafa –
Imad Rashad – Abdel Hafiz El Tatawi – Mostafa Rizk –
Alaa Wali El Din – Hany Ramzy and Guest of Honor: Ahmed Bedair

Scriptwriter: Mohamed El Hamawy
Composer :  Gamal Moustafa
Director: Wael Abdallah
Production year: 1992
Episodes : 22
Genre : Social


Everything that comes from illegal source, the hell is it’s destiny. It’s a conflict between kind and evil through the struggle between Fares and Awni.
Absolutely it is the victory and remains for the generous and kind type.