El-Sabaa Afandy


El Sabea Afandy is a kind, poor man. His boss is treating him with rudeness and is not respecting him totally.
El Sabea Afandy is ignoring the way his boss treating him with for Sharbat sake (the girl he intends to marry) who is his boss relatives. His boss also is not accepting the marriage of Sharbat & El Sabea Afandy and is confronting it.

El Sabea Afandy falling asleep, so he dreamt of achieving all his goals by facing his boss foolishness, he then walked up to find that nothing changed in the real life ,the only thing is that he get married from Sahrabat  which considered a victory in front of his boss.

Shadia – Saeed Abu Bakr – Serag Mounir – Farid Shawki – Abdel Aziz Ahmed – Amal Al Sayed – Omar El Hariri – Eatemad Khurshid – Adly Kaseb – Mahmoud Iraqi –
Shafik Noor El Din – Mahmoud El Tuni – Abdul Ghani El Nagdi – Gomaa Idris – Mohammed El Taabie – Tawfiq El Dekn – Mohsen Hassanein – Mohamed Sobeeh – Ahmed Bahi

Writer: Ali El Zarakany
Ahmed Khurshid
Production year:
Genre: comic