El-Kasr El-Maloon


Cast : Mariem Fakhr El Din – Salah Zoul Fouqar – Elweyya Gamil – Mahmoud El Meligy – Abdel Meneam Ebrahim – Thoraya Fakhry – Nahed Sabry – Qadreya Qadry.

Scriptwriter : Adly El Moled
Director : Hassan Reda

Fahmy the rich man who was having inability to walk asked his lawyer for leaving a legal will to prevent his sister Nageya Hanem from inheritance and that all his properties should be moved to his daughter Yousreya. When Hassan ( the lawyer ) return to Fahmy with the will he hesitated and need to make a change in it especially when he feels that his daughter has some delusions represented in always watching a man in the dark who is trying to kill her dad, while the lawyer keeps trying to solve this riddle . Doubts were gone to Nageya Hanem and Morsy (the servant) ,ghosts where gone everywhere with having weird sounds that is causing tensions everywhere in the palace , gradually they are about to reach a conclusion regarding this mysterious atmosphere .

Fahmy twin was recently out of jail who has taken his twin brother and prisoned him down in an abandoned place to kill him in the suitable time, but his plan failed for Hassan and his colleague being carefully analyzing everything ,everything is now clear and obvious to everyone ,no worries anymore then Hassan & Yousreya started together a happy life path .