Domoaa Fe Nahr Al-Hob

Tv Series
30 episodes

Cast : Wafaa Amer – Mostafa Fahmy  – Aiten Amer – Rania Youssef – Amira El Aidy – Maisara

Scriptwriter : Mai Nour El Din

Director : Taiseer Abboud

These episodes revolve in the background issues of  (the press) – through a wide range of meanings summarized in the importance of the role it plays,
As the fourth authority, it highlights all the problems through which we try to say through which  the accused is innocent until proved…

In this field we show two ways  to highlight any new , the first style is the style of the criminal eye that is truly looking for the truth… The second condemns and defiles without knowing the facts.

(Domooa Fe Nahr El Hob) This is through a family that lost her backbone  and the mother goes to this role instead .  Through these meanings the series is revolving around and the mother living with her daughters, the mother is so looking forward women ,to the fact that she let her daughter married with a rich business man who is living abroad ,with this man she has a very cruel experience .

The husband of Reham died , and newspapers report that he smuggled his money abroad with money-laundering and tax evasion which shocked Reham who has to get back to Cairo to proof her ignorance about the situation of her passed husband, also we will watch the story behind each girl of the three girls while our series is going on .