Daaona Noheb


Cast :
Hassan Yussef – Soheir Ramzy –  Mariem Fakhr El Din – Nahed El Sherif –Abdel Moneam Ebrahim- Mohey Esmail – Hala El Shawarby – Mohamed Hamdy – Mohamed Refaat – Sayeda Esmail – Laila Morsy – Othman Selim – Laila Mokhtar – Galal EL Masry – Suzy Khairy – Abdel Fattah Rashad

Author & Director : El Sayed Zeyadah
Genre: social

Dalila has two sons (Ahmed & Hussein) she is well taking care of them by letting them have all of their needs. she decided to let Ahmed join the university in Cairo, and there in the university Ahmed met with Soheir who matched his needs as a bride, then the relation take a higher step and Hussien as well with Mona, at this moment the mother felt that every single day she was making efforts with her sons to get away of her to their wives and that she will be alone, so she decided to make a clash between Mona and Hussien so that they will break up.
Finally the mother felt sorrow for the mistake she has done and she tried to let them be together again and actually she succeeded.