Da Kol Shayaa Le Shalaby

Tele film

Ahmed Beder – Wahid Seif – Hala Fakher – Osama Abbas – Faiza Kamal – Mohamed Farid – Samy Meghawry

Scriptwriter: Gamal Abdel Maksood
Director:Hamdy El Ebrashy
Production year: 1987
Genre : Comic


Ismail and safeyya are in need for an amount of money to get a land for reclamation .

So, they resorted for the Husband of (Saneya Hanem) the rich lady who is a relative to his wife to be, but she refused to lend them money.

Saneya was fond of poetry so she invites a lady to spend some days to her because the girl knew she is loving poetry and she pretended being a poet.
Evidence so on goes on a funny comic way.