Bent Shaayaa


Samira a successful nurse who is in love with Eng Shokry, also Samy (Shokry friend) fell for her but she is not feeling love with him. Despite being engaged to the beautiful Aleyya but he is aiming to be with Samira one day.
Samy decided to break up with his fiancée thinking that Samira is in love with him,but she shocked him with the truth that she is in love with her man Shokry .
Both Samira & Shokry agreed to teach him a moral lesson letting him finally get back to his fiancée with feeling sorry.
at the end Shokry & Samira get married.

Cast :
Nadya Lotfy – Hassan Youssef – Mohamed Awad – Nawal Abo El Fotouh – Abdel Moneam Madbouli – El Sayed Rady – (Tholathy Adwaa El Masrah) – the belly dancer : Zizi Moustafa

Author: Adly El Moled
Director : Hossam El Din Moustafa