Bent El-Omda


Adel is enjoying his life with his wife Aziza who is his cousin and the daughter of the mayor as well.
Aziza is devoting to her husband and his house duties.
Adel also greatly knows the rights of his house with dedication to his wife.

One day he meets up with a patient, who is a belly dancer, she tries to seduce Adel and indeed he does.

He has shocked his wife when he brings the belly dancer to leave in his wife’s house.

Aziza was quiet until this moment, then she decided to teach him a precious lesson when she starts to make plans for him and his beloved, she become very close to her to the point that Aziza send her to a famous night club to work their under the nick name of Salomi.

Adel admired Salomi without knowing she is his beloved and he obeys her orders when she convinced him to leave his old beloved and to get rid of his wife and he already did so, when he discovered it was a trick .

So Adel get back to his wife and both of them forget and forgive to start a new quiet life full of love, joy and happiness .

Kamal El Shennawy – Hajar Hamdi – Mohamed Kamel – Hadi Shams El Din – Doria Ahmed – Abdel Hamid Zaki – Sayed Ahmed.

: Abbas Kamel
Director: Abbas Kamel
Production year: 1949
Genre: Social