Byet El-Taaa


Disputes are raised between a husband and a wife , to the extent that he tried to hit her to let her obey his orders. He started to put a stiff conditions for her, so when the problems rose massively between them, they had to resort to the court for reaching a solution.

The court rule stated that the wife is mistaken and she has to obey her husband orders and then he started to teach her a hard lesson with a hard experiment.

Her mother decided to get away from their life, as she was the main reason behind their quarrels at first.

Finally their attitude together totally changed and they started to respect and love each other again with putting into consideration that the wife will not listen to her mother words again when she has a problem with her husband.

Yousef Wahby – Hoda Sultan – Ismael Yassin – Mary Mounib – Kitty – Zouzou Madi – Hagar Hamdi – Fakher Fakher – Hussein El Meligy – Shafiq Nour El Din – Amina Khairy – Hassan El Baroudy – Mohamed Sobeh – Gamalat Zayed – Abdel Aziz Badawy.

Writer: Youssef Wahby
Youssef wahby
Production year:
Genre: Social