Badeaa Masabnee


Nadya Lotfy – Foad El Mohandes –Kamal El Shennawy – Nabeela Ebeid – Hussien El Emam – Nesreen –Shafiq Galal – Nabeel Badr – Nabeel El Hagrasy – Amal Ramzy – Fareeda Seif El Nasr

Director : Hussien El Emam
Production Year: 1975
Genre: Social

This movie is a biography about Badeea Masabny the belly dancer who was among tens of figures in this filed in this period. The movie will lead us to how the Casino of Badeea was been established and the stars of belly dance who  were performing there, and the love story between Badeea an Naguib Al Rehany and how they together founded an elevated art in both the comic staging and the belly dancing shows .
But unfortunately clashes took place between the two lovers and they break up so
debts are increased with Badeaa and she lead a miserable destiny when she finally has to sell her casino to one of the performers there and she left Egypt and returned back to her home country Shatoora – Lebanon .