Ayam Shababy



An old man is in a relation with a lady who is younger than him, he loves her, he has a sexual aggression on her and a result she got pregnant, he left her even didn’t certify being the father of the baby.

And then he proceed his fancies and illegal acts ,at once he decided to stop and repent and for the past.

He started searching for his son whom he even does not know his look.

Like father like son, the guy has the same attitude of his father, he is in a relation with a belly dancer who has pushes him to be murderer, he is about to execute his first murder , but for his good luck his father appears and helped the situation and he couldn’t proceed. 


Taheya Karioka – Shadia – Kamal El-Shennawy – Mahmoud El Melegy –  Ahmed Allam – Aziz Othman – Aziza Helmi – Farid Shawki – Mary Ezz Eddin – Samia Rushdi – Abdel Moneim Ismail – Zaki Ibrahim – Abdel Aziz Ahmed –
Shafik Noor Eddin

Writer: Saleh Gawdat
Abdel Fatah Hassan
Production year:
Genre: Social