Arosset Al-Moled


                     A group of candy brides and horses are standing persistently waiting their time to be sold and then eaten. One of these brides wished to be real one to enjoy the life delight.

Actually, her dream comes true and she goes to the life she aims, but she was shocked to find betrayal, treachery and hypocrisy between human beings so she decided to be a candy bride for another time which will be better for her than being a human.


Taheya Karioka – Abdel Aziz Mahmoud – Mahmoud El Meligy – Soad Mekkawi – Nelly Mazloum – Mahmoud Shococo – Fouad Shafiq – Samia Roshdy – Hassan Hamed – Mahmoud Reda – Band (Sa’a Le Kalbak)

Writer: Abbas Kamel
Abbas Kamel
Production year:
Genre : social