Aradt An Aatzer Alek

Genre : Social

Cast : Salah Zou El Fouqar – Laila Taher – Magdy Emam – Sahar Ramy – Hoda Easa – Dina Abdallah- and some other  first row stars
writer : Raouf Helmy
Director: Mahmoud El Barbary

Wafaa is the mum of both Mounir (faculty of  Engineering student ) and his sister  ( the preparatory stage student) .
Her husband has passed away while she was young, so her head in worked (Mounir ) asked her for marriage but she refused, after many trials she finally accepted to marry him. But the life later with her son and her husband was not good; her son was treating his step father with harshness. Suddenly her daughter died for the reason of having an accompanying disease which is been affected her along ago. The mother then decided to leave her husband for the sake of her son while Mounir left the country for having work abroad.
days passed and the son got the same circumstances later and he finally realized that he was cruel with his mum and he felt regretting and sorry for his mum .