Ana El-Quds

tv series
episodes 30
Social and political

Cast :  Farouk El Feshawy – Abed Fahd  – Karis Bashar – Seba Moubarak – Sabah El Jazaery – Taj Heidar and others

Sriptwriter : Taleed El Khateeb – Bassel El Khateeb
Director : Bassel El Khateeb

Our series revolving around the journey of fifty passed years starting with the English colonization to Palestine ending with the defeat of 1967
the series represents through a big number of performers the changes happened to a small family of father  and his two sons where each of them has his own life direction
the series also including the revolution of both Al Bouraq & the Palestinian revolution  through the dramatic imaging of the life of both mujahd Abdel Qader Al Hussieny & Ezz El Din El Qassam  .