Alragol wa Elqetaar

Classic series
20 episodes

Farouk El-Fishawi – Elham Shaheen – Hala Sedqi – Mahmoud Hemeda – Hamdi Ghith – Ihsan Al Qalaawi – Sana Younis – Ibrahim Nasr – Mohammed Abu Elainin – Farouk Yousef – Farouk Flawkas – Adel Amin –
Ahmed Halawa and others .

Scriptwriter: Mohamed Galal Abdel Kawi
Director: Hamdy El Ebrashy
Production year: 1989


A guy from the countryside (Meaawad Gad El Rab) who is working at a train station in the Upper Egypt ,his dad has passed away when he was a child and his uncle gets care of him.

He suddenly felt he has a power inside that have to use in a right way .So he decided to move to the town where the fame, money and work together.

He was very active and full of vitality, he stepped the wrong way in town, and he gained nothing from the town but the betrayal. Moreover, he has to pay for his mistakes and he already did.