Shams El Baroudy – Shokry Sarhan – Salah Kabeel – Nagwa Fouad – Imad Hamdi – Abdel Moneim Ibrahim – Zuzou Nabil – Ibrahim Saafan – Nabil El Hagrassy – Mimi Shkib – Malak El Gamal – Mimi Gamal – Moushira Ismail – Khadiga Mahmoud – Camelia Hussein – Hassan Abdeen – Sanaa Shaheen – Abdel Ghani El Nagdi – Anjel Aram – Nabawy Said – Mohammed Nadi.

Writer:  Kamel El Hefnawy
Ismail El Kady
Production year:
Genre: Social


Samya is married from the one she love who is Wahid, after getting married Wahid has weird attitude that lead her mind that he is in a relation other than her, so she asked for divorce and she already did.

She then joined a company to work within and she get closer to her manager Ahmed and a love story begin, his mum strongly refused his will to marry from a divorcee.

Wahid the Ex-husband stresses on her to get back to him, but she refused.

The relation between Samya and Ahmed begin to get complicated, when he for the second time proposed the idea with his mum and share his thoughts of being in love with her, this time his mum accepted specially when Ahmed’s sister is now a divorcee.