Al-Mostaqbl Al-Maghol


Nadia, a girl in her prime of life who has lost her family in war so she has mental collapse that results in
nervous breakdown so she decided to suicide , but her fate let her meet Dr Ahmed who has helped her from facing death, unfortunately she lost her memory.

Dr Ahmed begins to feel love for his patient and decides to marry her and actually he did and they got a baby girl.

Nadia’s attitude was not completely normal as she used to disappear without anyone knows where she gone and every try to find her were in vain.

Samira was aware of the story, so she decide to take care of the baby girl and then Dr Ahmed decided to marry Samira.

When Nadia knows that Ahmed will marry Samira, she thought of getting rid of her by putting poison for her in the juice, unfortunately her daughter is the one who drink the juice, as a result she drinks from the same juice to end her life after observing the death of her child, then
Dr Ahmed continues his life with his wife Samira .

Nour El-Hoda – Ahmed Salem – Beshara Wakim – Mahmoud El Meligy –  Ahmed Allam – Sharafantah  –
Said Abu Bakr – Mohamed Kamel.

Writer:  Youssef Gohar
Ahmed Salem
Production year: