El-Hegra Ela Al-Maghoul

Classic series
18 episodes
Genre : Social

Abdel-Meneim Madbouly – Athar El Hakim – Karima Mokhtar -Ragaa El Geddawi – Emad Rashad – Mamdouh Wafi – Nabil El Desouki – Dinar –
Hanan Turk – Hendya – Mohamed Khairy – Olfat Sukkar – Khaled Mahmoud – Hani Ramzy – and others .

Scriptwriter : Ahmed Samir
Director:  Ahmed Magdy
Production year: 1991
Episodes :
Genre: Social


The series is around two families , one family from town and the other from the country , they decided to make a change totally in their life by exchanging  together  houses .

Thus, each family due to this change led a new life that is full of bright or dark images.

Accordingly , we can reach our conclusion that it is not a must where we live , but the human and his inner part that is his ethics , morals and  conscience is the most of all , and how human could be productive, helpful and beneficial anywhere he lives .