El-Islam Haya Gadeda

Social series
31 episodes
Islamic religion

Mahmoud Yassin – Afaf Shoaib – Omar El-Hariri – Aminah Rizk – Fayza Kamal – Mohamed Reda – Sawsan Badr -Tawfiq Al Dekn – Hassan Hosny – Mohamed Khairy – Samir Hosny – Farouk Yousef – Abdel Ghaffar ouda – Rabab – Rawia Said In addition to more than 150 others.

Scriptwriter: Mohamed Mahmoud Shaaban
Music & Composer: Mokhtar El Said
Singing: Mohamed Roshdy
Director: Ahmed Magdy
Production year: 1989
Episodes : 31
Genre: Islamic

Our series is about an important era of Arabs before and after Islam . In addition, how Islam turned their life to a bright one, ensuring the Islam ethics of patience, courage and generosity.