Al-Badawya Al-Asheqa


Egyptian archeologist went to Lebanon with his assistant for a business trip in the Lebanese mountains for seeking Egyptian monuments. He met with a beautiful female Bedouin and they felt in love for each other.

He decided to propose for marriage but the tribe traditions is refusing to let her marry other one than her cousin ,who is discovered later that he is greedy and wants the lady’s wealth.

Then the archaeologist decided to kidnap her in her wedding night with her cousin.
So that all the men of the tribe went after the archaeologist to save their lady, unfortunately her cousin was killed during the fight and the archaeologist was accused of being the murderer.

Finally the truth revealed and the archaeologist is not the killer ,so he married the female Bedouin whom he loves.

 Samira Tawfik – Kamal Al Shennawy – Nagwa Fouad – Sayed Maghrabi –  Naseer Kortobawy – Salah Nazmi – Nadia Hamdi – Sabah Al Omari – Melvina Amin –
Youssef Hosni – Fawzi El Kayali.

Writer: Badr Nofal – Bahgat Amar
  Neyazi Mostafa.
Production year: